Sunday, January 08, 2012

Mineral Water Bottle in Jordan

Often, when you’re taking a trip, drink lot of water as it will help you stay fit.Being well hydrated helps counteract some of the problems of travel: fatigue and jet lag, altitude, and hot and cold environments, to mention a few. Minimal dehydration occurs even before you feel thirsty, subtly affecting your mental and physical abilities.

But available drinking water is not always fit to drink. Micro organisms that cause intestinal upsets may be present in tap water so always drink bottled water when traveling.

In Jordan, there are lot of mineral water bottles available  in the market.The two famous brands in Jordan are Nestle's Pure Life and Aquafina.

So what is the cost of 1.5liters mineral bottle??? There is no fix rate....SURPRISED!!!

Yes that's the fact. Shop keepers charge anything they want from tourist. Never buy any water bottle from the shops near Petra Gate. They charge just too much. Also if you stop at any shops without your guide or driver, then you will have to pay more. So try to buy from a pharmacy or any super market.They never charge anything extra.

The cost of 1.5lit mineral water bottle in Jordan is 0.350JD. So if they ask for more then remember they are asking/taking more price from you.

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