Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tour Agents In Jordan

I booked our tickets through Caesars Tours n Travels,Kuwait. I had to take the help of a travel agent as I have no bank accounts in Kuwait or any credit card from my bank in India. Also all my friends from whom I would take help to book tickets through net were in India.

After booking my tickets I started checking out the net for travel agents.I first talked to Caesars but they quoted a very high price. So I thought of checking out in the net.

A friend suggested Jordan Select Tours ( . I wrote to Jasmine Hamdan but she replied that she can book our travel from 9th Nov only as they are fully booked. But we had to return on 9th night because my hubby was to go to USA for official tour after one day stay in Kuwait.

I wrote to few travel agents(nearly 8-9) of them. But I found Petra Night Tours(  and Jordan Tours Travel and  Travel Jordan Agency to be very professional , accommodating, expert and knowledgeable.

I was confused to whose service I would take. Suddenly I remembered that a friend call Suman had gone to Jordan 1 1/2year back. I called her and she gave me the address of Travel Jordan Agency. I decided to go with them. Mr Hani is a perfect tour operator and provided us with whatever he promised us.  We have no complains...the car, the driver Nadel , our hotels in Amman, Aqaba, Petra and Dead Sea were just too good.It was nice meeting him in Amman and Petra after so much of emailing.

Here is a picture with Hani.....

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