Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shaastrotsav – Festival of Science,Q8

As a kid I vividly remember taking part in the science exhibitions that were organized in our school. A few times, I represented our school also.
Science is a necessary part of an educational system, something indispensable for students. But it should be taught in a way wherein it doesn't become a mental load for students. A wonderful way of doing so is to organize exhibitions to promote science, and also to develop a scientific approach towards different theories.

When we came to know about Shaastrotsav – The Festival of Science, we at once decided to attend it. Very recently on 6th May in the state of the art campus of GUST, Mishref-Kuwait; it was organized by NSS College of Engineering Alumni (Kuwait Chapter) in association with Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST). This was the third time this festival was organized in Kuwait. Our visit was a flashback to both me and Jeet. We both remembered our school days and the exhibitions that we attended and were part of. The involvement of teachers, students and parents and the various models by students impressed us.  There was also a competition on animation series and it dazzled us to see kids making very nice, short animation movies. 

For more information on Shaastrotsav, you can check their website http://www.shaastrotsav.org/2011/?p=61

Here are some pictures from the event....

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