Monday, May 02, 2011

Pawan Dham,Haridwar,India

On our way to Haridwar we stopped at  Pawan Dham, a glass temple which one should not miss while visiting Haridwar. As the name implies,it is primarily a Hanuman Mandir(temple) but you will find almost all Hindu deities made of glass intricately carved. Also aesthetically designed glass work of deities are found on the temple wall apart from the glass idols. Thats where the beauty of Pawan Dham lies. This 
modern and untraditional temple is 2kms from Haridwar town. 

All thanks to people of Moga(Punjab) that they put efforts and money to bring up this unique temple. 

At the entry to the temple lot of puja items and gifts are sold. I found something very unique among the items; photo’s where you can see different deity from different angles. The bigger photo cost me Rs80 and the small one cost Rs40.  

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shooting star said...

we have a home in haridwar and i visit there often (my in laws live there actually!!)...but i have never heard about this place from time ill ask them and definitely make it a point to visit!!!!