Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hectic Weekend,Q8

The weekend was really very hectic and by mid of it, it started becoming unpleasant. We had 3 birthdays to attend, 1 anniversary party and 1 dinner party. Thursday was fine, as we attended the birthday parties and also Rawat bhaiya and Ratna bhabi's anniversary party at Mughal Mahal,Fahaheel.It was their 17th anniversary and it seems everyone enjoyed the evening. I had organised few games for the couples, which was received well by all the guest.

As for the birthday parties it was at McDonald. A GREAT PLACE to organize birthday of your kid...you need not worry about the cake, games, return gift etc. They do it all....these parties are Mehr's favorite. I even had to cancel my tuitions to take her to both the parties. The two hours at McDonald is total fun time for the kids.

Even Friday morning we had an invitation...everything was going on well, when suddenly Mehr had running nose  and high fever. We took her to hospital but the paediatrics said there was nothing serious but "just an allergy". Anyway her running nose is making her breathing very difficult and because of it she has started coughing. Heavy vomiting in the afternoon, block  running nose is giving her lot of problem. I am trying out home-made remedies and also giving her the medicines that the doctor have prescribed. She is not able to attend her play-school, which she hates to remain absent.Hope my darling gets well soon.

Here are some pictures of McDonald and the anniversary party.



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