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Places In Kuwait to Take Children During Summer Vacation

The academic year is about to end and so is vacation about to start. Its summer and so summer camps, visit to exotic locations with parents and friends and to dear India will start. For those in Kuwait, you need not feel dis-spirited and pensive. There are lot of places in Kuwait where you can go during the summer holidays and enjoy with your family and friends.

My daughter is 2 1/2years old and so sending her to summer camp doesn't arise. But my friends, whose kids who have started going to school are really going crazy as to what to do with the kids this summer. So I have made a list that I hope will help them and you out, if you have kids.

There might be many more places that I might not know. If you know them include it as comment. Thanx. 

Hope the list will be of help......Here are some fun places to take the kids

1) Khiran Resort: If you want to have fun in weekends or holidays then Al-Khiran Resort is one of the most famous places to have fun and good time.  For details check the link

2) Entertainment City: A perfect place to spend time and you can spend the entire day and till late night rejoicing without feeling bored. For details check out

3)Messila Water Village: What more can be a better way to beat the summer heat and dust than a visit to a water park?

4)Kuwait Zoo : Though a small one it is very famous among families both locals and expatriate. In fact during weekends it becomes difficult to get a place to park your car. There are varieties of animals and the toy train will make your visit more interesting and memorable. and

5) Young Kids Academy: Do you want to be more creative during the vacation? Do you want to have some fun in the kitchen and attend camps, then this is the place for you.

6)Kuwait Riding Center: Did you ever dream of riding a horse? Then during this vacation, it is the right time to turn your dream into reality. Every year during the month of June and July a two to four week camp occurs on the grounds of Kuwait Riding Center.

7) Scientific Center:An interesting and informative place where you can mingle learning with pleasure.

8) The Little Gym: Are you looking for activities when school is not in session? Do you want to attend a  camp full with fitness,fun, arts and crafts? Then this is the place for you.

9) Ice Skating Rink: Love to skate? Or would like to spend some moments in cold icy atmosphere in burning hot month of June-July in Kuwait.If “yes” then rush to the Ice-Skating Rink

10)Kuwait National Museum: Kuwait is our second home.Would you like to know about the culture and history of your second home? Would you like to know about the sky,stars and the moon? Then you should surely visit the national museum. and

11) Al Sadu House: Do you know that there is similarity between the handicrafts of Arabia and India? If you want to see the similarity, visit the Al Sadu House. and

12) Paint Ball Kuwait: complex is a great place to visit in Kuwait for people of all ages and skill levels from first time players to hardcore speedball players .

13)Kuwait Tower: is another nice place where you can spend an evening with your parents and friends. Will certainly love the observatory deck.

14)Green Island: Nothing can be a better place then Green Island to plan any outdoor activity during vacation with family and friends.  It has a good restaurant, good playground for kids, train ride, bicycle rent, good walking path along the beach with Arabic Gulf Street view, and many good points for the outdoor picnic meals.

15)  KuwaitKidsCamp: Another place in Kuwait that organize camps for children during the summer vacation. They promise to provide memorable summer camp experience in a warm atmosphere.

16)   Hawally Park: A park where there is innumerable games  for kids. The best part is the “Jarir bookstore” within the complex where you will find huge collection of books and games.

17)Color Me Mine: Do you want to gift something unique to your friend? You can enjoy your coffee, taste homemade sweets, and paint a ceramic piece. A fun and fresh idea that appeals to kids as well as adults.

18) Baroue Kids Kingdom:  in Avenue Mall is designed exclusively around the needs, dreams and expectations of children.

19)   Infunity:  In Family Entertainment Centre “Infunity” in 360 Mall, children can investigate, explore, play, and learn about a whole new range of entertainment programmes that have been designed to the highest specifications of world famous leisure destinations.

20)K Camp: Another place to go for your summer camp.

21)Ties Center: Another place if you are looking for learning Arabic, baking classes etc during vacation time. 

23)The 99 Village: Another theme park in Jahra. Though I have not personally visited it, I feel children will enjoy the rides and the environment. and,ckl

24)Aqua Park: Water amusement park with water-based rides next to Kuwait Towers. A very joyful and very nice place for recreation.

25)Magic Planet: in Avenue Mall is another place for children. It is the largest indoor amusement park in the region, featuring several international award-winning rides and games that have never before been found inside a building.

26)Cartoon Network: A theme park for children in Kuwait City. A place which children will surely like and love.

27)After school activities(Courses in drawing, painting, ceramics and general art ): You can do them during your vacation and if you like and enjoy doing them, continue when your school re-opens. Here’s the link to few such activities.


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