Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jetuka 2011

Again I started neglecting my blog for few days…and whenever I do it, I feel very bad and sometimes helpless. This time it was the Bihu Celebration that took all my time and energy and I could not do anything. Infact I was fighting against time to publish our ( Assam Association Kuwait) annual magazine Jetuka as I was one of the editors. Alok da (Alok Das) was the other editor, we worked as a team. We get very less time; the new committee gets elected in March but cannot do anything till the previous resigns. By the time the new members take over, decide on the theme, request for article, edit them and then publish them, we have very little time.Apart from the magazine, I was part of the Bihu group dance, which we say Husori. So I had to run to press and for practise.

Anyway, all went well. We were able to publish the magazine on time….on Santa Uzir Nite. Shanta Uzir, a very versatile star of Assam, gave a sterling Performance at a Bihu Function held on 13-May-2011 at Hotel Crowne Plaza. It was an evening which we all are sure to remember. All went well, as planned. Everyone from kids to adults enjoyed.

Here are some pictures....

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