Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcoming Ramadan In Q8

I have spent the last three Ramadan's in Kuwait. Now I could not imagine spending Ramadan anywhere else but in Kuwait. Its only after coming to Kuwait, I have learned the true meaning of Ramadan.

Kuwait is getting ready in full swing with shops being jostled by last minute shoppers for RAMADAN. The whole country has taken on a new appearance with shops adorned with colorful Ramadan lanterns offering everything from sweets to special drinks for iftar.

I especially love the time just prior to the ‘Suhoor’ meal, which is eaten right before the time for Al-Fajr, or the Dawn, prayer. It is literally the middle of the night. Yet if I look out my window I can see that everyone’s lights are on. And I can smell the scent of delicious tasty Arabic food floating in the air and sneaking into my home through the open window. I make it a habit to sneak a peek outside my balcony door a few minutes after the adhan every morning of Ramadan. The scene is just amazing. The streets are filled with grown men and young boys running down the streets with their prayer mats swung over their shoulders and swinging in the musky air as they head to the mosque, which can be seen from my apartment, to worship Allah.

However, I must say the worst thing that occurs during Ramadan is price of grocery items that increase by 15-25% during Ramadan. This adds an unnecessary burden to families but the public in Kuwait has no choice but to pay the outrageous prices to ensure that their cupboards and refrigerators are full to feed their families and Ramadan guests.

Last week I went for marketing at Lulu Hyper and Qadisiya Co-Operative. Though I had read that the government is trying its best to control price rise, I didnot find it. Infact the Ramadan sale which the shops are putting up is not much too say. In one or two items they are giving sale but the rest is the same.

But you need to visit the Ramadan fair that takes place in Mishref International Fairground. From food items to show pieces to jewellery to kids items they have all and the prices are also not bad. The best part you get variety of them.

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