Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekends in Q8

My weekends here is a mix bag....extremely busy, lot of house work but also with loads of fun, travelling and exploration. Extremely busy with lot of house work as maids dont work for you during this time; it's no-work and rest time for them. So from morning tea to dinner everything you need to do without any help. Apart from the housework is Mehr and she wants more attention when you remain busy with work.

The best thing about Jeet my hubby is that he loves exploring new places. The last two weekends were awfull. Last weekend we tried marketing in the new Lulu Hypermarket that was opened in Qurain area. Just loved many variety from all over the world. Will write a separate post on this. We visited the Mirror House, a must-visit place in Kuwait. We tried exploring Salmiya. Every time we go to Salmiya with a mind of exploring this area, we see a new face. We had read about Qurain museum and went there. It was our first visit to this area but still Jeet could drive me there without any problem. The museum was close for Ramadan and we took note of the timings and came back.

This weekend we tried marketing in the new Geant supermarket which is opened in Salmiya. Found the first floor to be very crampy but the basement was good. Didnt really enjoy marketing here....not too much variety and also crampy. We visited the Kuwait House of National Works "Memorial Museum" in Kuwait City. The Iraqi invasion is nicely depicted here. As we couldnot visit the Qurain Museum we visited this weekend. Another place which depicts the martyrdom of Kuwaiti people during Iraqi invasion. We also went to Red Palace in Jahra area. This place is in the outskirts of the city and very far from the area we stay. But we enjoyed the drive and the Palace/ Fort which was part of many historic battle. Did some marketing at Mangaf Sultan Center.

Now back to normal housework and tutions till the next weekend!

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