Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shopping In Q8

Kuwait provides special shopping opportunities. It has many markets, shops and malls which present a variety of products like: clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, gifts, equipments, and international brand products. This variety of products addresses different styles. That is why malls were established by using an architectural style that provides the shopper with the feeling of comfort and entertainment during shopping. At the same time, it provides the sellers with enough areas to display their products with creative and attractive ways for shoppers. When you feel exhausted during shopping; you can refresh yourself by drinking fresh drinks and eating fast meals from a variety of restaurants and cafes. They are widespread in many markets and malls all over Kuwait governorates. Every 2-3 month you get to hear about a new mall.

The following are the names of some famous Malls....

Kuwait City (Capital)

Sharq Mall

Al Salhia Mall

Arraya Mall

Dar Al-Awadi Mall

Ghawali Centre

Al Awqaf Mall

Center point

Al Muthanna Mall

Al Khaleejiah Mall

Al Mubarakia Market (Popular)

Discovery Mall


Al Mohallab Mall

Al Rihab Mall

Al Othman Mall

Al Bahr Center / Plaza

Al Ayoub Mall

Beirut Mall

Northern Noqrah Mall

Southern Noqrah Mall

360° Mall


Marina Mall

Al Fanar Mall

Al Bustan Mall

Al Thuraya Mall

Central Plaza

Gallery 2000

Laila Gallery

Tala Mall

Mariam Mall

Zahra Mall

Sultan Mall

Al Salmiya Market (Popular)

City Center

Marks and Spencer

Omniya Center

Shaha Complex


Al Kout Mall

Al Manshar Mall

Ajyal Mall

Kuwait Magic

Center point

Fahaheel Market (Popular)

Al Dabous Mall

Al Anoud Mall


Al Magater Mall

Al Hamra Mall

Mubarak Alsaifee Mall

Al Arbeed Plaza

Manawer Mall

The Avenues Mall


Da'idjani Center mall

Sumait Plaza mall

AlDaboos mall


Salil Al Jahra Mall

Al Khema Mall

Wara Mall

Tiba Mall

Awtad Mall

Al Alamia Mall

Mubarak Alkabeer

Alqurain City markets


Al Bairaq Mall ( AlEgaila city )

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