Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Samsung Launches New All-In-One PC In Kuwait

New AIO PC Series 7 Offers Maximized Home Entertainment Experience

Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today unveiled the all new All-In-One PC Series 7, in Kuwait. Building on the premium aspects of the Samsung Series 9 Notebook, the new All-In-One (AIO) PC inherits Samsung’s advanced engineering craftsmanship with highly finessed and stylish design. Beyond high performance, the new Samsung AIO PC Series 7 has been crafted to deliver an entirely new AIO PC experience. Driven by a 3rd generation Intel(r) Core(tm)i7 processor, 8GB RAM, dedicated AMD Radeon HD graphics and a WQHD display with resolution of 2560_1440, the new AIO PC Series 7 embodies innovative sense recognition features such as 10-finger multi-touch screen control and hand gesture commands.

“The new All-in-One PC packages the best of Samsung’s precision engineering and premium design with top class performance and functionality. With its unique craftsmanship and it incorporating the latest every hardware and software feature available, we predict that this new product will be accepted by regional consumers. It offers a maximized home entertainment experience and is a perfect device for a family PC or desktop replacement. We feel that the All-in-One PC market carries enormous growth potential by taking convergence technologies to the next level”. saidDenzil D’Souza, Business Head for Notebooks, Samsung Gulf Electronics.
With the upcoming new Windows 8 platform, demand in All-In-One PC is expected to increase further as AIOs will have stronger as well as more convenient features, which is expected to replace the existing desktop PC in the market.
To provide such true ‘user benefits’, Samsung has perfected not only the hardware but also the software aspects to offer never seen before experiences.
For an unlimited premium user experience, Samsung AIO PC Series 7 has been equipped with a 10-finger multi-touch screen - a technological leap in interactivity, surpassing traditional two-finger multi-touch by providing full touch control using all ten fingers on an AIO PC. Its enhanced sensitivity enables users to enjoy the full capabilities of the latest entertainment applications or perform complicated content editing. Pinch to zoom on content or rotate images, and scroll through pages with complete ease using 10 multi-touch functions.
To enjoy its full capabilities as a home entertainment system, the new AIO PC has a viewing angle of 178 degrees vertically and horizontally, which makes watching a movie with friends a true pleasure.
To further expand user benefits, the new AIO PCs have five hand gesture recognition features that conveniently let users control the device with just a flick of the wrist from up to a meter away, perfect for enjoying home entertainment for example. Swipe right or left to turn the pages of an e-book, or rotate your palm clockwise or counter-clockwise to change the volume while watching a movie. You can simply close your hand to click on an option in a program and stop watching a movie by just waving your hands. These features definitely offer more convenience to consumers. 
Power and performance are ensured with a 3rd generation Intel(r) Core(tm) i7/i5 processor and 8GB RAM. A powerful AMD Radeon HD 7850M graphics processor, Blu-ray drive, and up to 1TB HDD and 64GB SSD ensure content in a wide array of formats is readily available in no time, and enable seamless playback, editing, creating and saving of content.

To further expand the true all-in-one experience, the new devices are equipped with 14-Watt speakers while Tweeter and Dolby sound*** deliver rich sound quality in any environment.
Also the latest WQHD display featuring 2560x1440 resolution delivers crisp, clear and all-encompassing viewing experience. Users are now able to fit more windows into a single screen without compromising on scale. Browsing online while simultaneously watching a movie is no longer an issue. 
Accentuate your home with a modern and minimalistic look. Samsung’s AIO PC Series 7’s clutter-free and space-saving design features a uniquely stylish metallic arch stand, an ultra-slim display with a durable metal edge, and an edge-to-edge glossy black screen. This elegant new AIO PC adds a premium look to any living space or office. The Samsung All-in-One PC is now available in major retail outlets across Kuwait for KD 349

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