Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kuwait Vintage Cars Museum launches new racing track

The Historical, Vintage, and Classic Cars Museum launched a new racing track called ‘Serb’ at its premises in Shuwaikh last Thursday. This event was  attended by hundreds of motorsport fans and  kicked off from the Jumeirah Hotel in Messilah with a car parade on Gulf Road which included sports and classic cars and motorcycles.
The vehicles participating in the car parade were from different groups including the Muscle Cars, Old Cars Team, Japanese Classic Cars Team, Porsche, Corvette, Camaro, and Charger groups, and the 2000 S team. The Kuwait Riders team also participated.
At the track, the spectators enjoyed a show presented by a group of special sports cars from different brands and agents. This was followed by an exciting show presented by popular Kuwaiti champions in car racing including rally, drag racing, drifting, and karting. Motorcycle riders also presented an attention-grabbing show on the track.
On this occasion, General Manager of the Car Museum Mustafa Makhseed noted that launching the track will improve the general standard of motorsports in Kuwait. “This track was sponsored and launched by Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed who always cares about champions, especially in this field. This encourages us at the museum to work harder and improve motorsports in Kuwait,” he said.
Zakariya Dashti, CEO of the Museum expressed his happiness with the track. “The Serb Track was a dream that has finally come true. We are proud of this achievement, thanks to the generous donation of Sheikh Nasser. This track will be the ideal place for car fans to practice their hobby. This track will raise a new generation of champions and the doors will always be open for everybody,” he pointed out.
The event concluded with a ceremony held to honor 70 Kuwaiti champions from various motorsports. They received trophies and certificates for their special achievements. Historical, Vintage & Classic Cars Museum is located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Block 1, Street 49

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