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Who We Are… is 100% run and owned by Kuwaiti young entrepreneurs. We envisioned and pictured the need for such service based on the exploding and growing tendency for people to browse the internet to find the best deal available. Hence, the idea of creating this website. We are an advertising gateway to people and businesses.

What We Do…
We follow the trend!!!
We act as an intermediary by allowing service providers and consumers to meet in a different way which makes it a unique experience.
WOWdeals: Business-To-People deals of the trendy stuff to do or buy in the community at unbeatable prices
WOWAds: People-To-People personal ads to allow people who want to sell personal stuff online in an easy way

We bring you the hottest offers…
Saloons, Gyms, Nail bars, Dental treatment, Laser treatment, Restaurants and others…
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Don’t think too much,

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