Saturday, September 29, 2012

60 rare sheep auctioned for KD 111,000

Auction of sheeps, held in Kabd fetched KD 111,000 for selling 60 rare sheeps, reported local daily Kuwait Times. The special attraction was teh auction for a rare sheep which sold for KD 3000. Total of the 60 sheeps were auctioned within 90 minute, daily reported.

Auctioneer, Abdul Rahman Al-Muttairi, stressed that Kuwait has been leading in holding such auctions for 15 years and that a very rare sheep sold for KD 70,000 was one of them. “That sheep was of a well-known breed and whoever bought it can cover up the price he paid by selling only four of its lambs over a period of one year”, he said noting that a lamb descending from this sheep is sold for KD 18,000.

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