Monday, July 02, 2012

Burglars strike newly married Indian couple in Dubai

I thought Dubai is a safe place, that there is no robbers/ burglars like India there. But I was wrong.......

Puneet’s flat in Karama

gulfnews DUBAI A young couple’s Dubai home has been burgled a day after the husband moved here from India to start a new life with his wife who had told him Dubai is a safe place.
About Dh60,000-Dh70,000 in cash and jewellery was stolen from former telecom worker Puneet Singh and his HR executive wife’s one-bedroom apartment in Karama area on Saturday.
The newly married couple had gone to the beach and found the flat ransacked when they returned.
Singh, 28, had quit his public relations job in a leading Indian phone company to join his Dubai-based wife on Friday.
He said: “I unpacked Saturday morning and was wondering where to put the cash and jewellery as there was no safe in the house. My wife said, ‘Just put it in the closet, Dubai’s a safe place’. I put it under some clothes on the shelves.
“We went to the beach later on and when we got back the front door wasn’t opening. I struggled with it and pushed it a bit - it almost came off.
Singh said the suspects had apparently gone straight for the stash, leaving behind fake gold items and electronics.“We stepped inside and I asked my wife: ‘Had we left the lights on?’ There were open drawers and clothes everywhere - we knew we had been burglarised.”
He added: “They had made themselves comfortable and left the AC on. It’s like they knew where everything was, as if they had been observing us.
“They had opened all drawers, even checked inside our shoes, but didn’t touch the built-in closet which has nothing special in it.
“It wouldn’t have felt so bad if this had happened two or three years after I moved here – but on the second day?”
Police are investigating the incident, Singh said.

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