Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Udupi Restaurant,Fahaheel,Q8

Did hear about Udupi Restaurant in Fahaheel and always wanted to go and try out the food. We love South Indian food and if given the opportunity never miss it out.

Earlier most weekends we would go to Fahaheel but after my daughter was born things changed. We hardly go to Fahaheel (why???....will give the reason in my next post)

Last weekend we had lot of things to do and it all got completed in time. Also we could get our car parked in the parking space of the building where Udupi restaurant is situated. So decided to try out the food at Udupi.

Both me and my husband ordered masala dosa and my daughter ordered paper dosa.
We enjoyed the dosa ....

All three of us had dosa but nothing happened to my daughter and husband. But I started a terrible stomach upset . Dont know why??
Infact I am still not well. Yesterday a friend called and when she came to know about it said that the same happened to her and another of our friend....All three of us (ladies) had dosa

What is the cause of our stomach upset is still not clear to me....still trying to find out.

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