Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Enjyng the nice weather,Q8

The weather is just perfect to plan any outdoor outing. Personally I feel mid Oct-Nov and again mid Feb-March-mid April  are the best months to enjoy Kuwait.....otherwise it's toooo hot or cold and windy.

Now-a-days it's difficult to find a place to park your car near any beach. Its full with people enjoying. 


Gautam S Brahma said...

Hey Hi, searched your mail id but couldn't find out, So, m Wishing You And Your Family A Very Happy Deepawali, here is a ecard for you

Faridur R Choudhury said...

It is indeed an excellent weather in Kuwait now and left me completely surprised. My last visit in July was a completely different story.

BTW, stumbled upon your blog while looking for Assamese in Kuwait and I must say it is an excellent journal. Keep up the good work. Didn't know that there is a such a strong and active Assamese community here.