Sunday, October 10, 2010

Enjyd exploring Fahaheel@ weekend

Fahaheel, is one of the main area of Kuwait.We have visited it many times and every time we enjoy it.Infact it has all, you just name it....lot of restaurants, Sea side,Centre point, Al Kout Mall, Al Manshar Mall, 5-star Rotana Hotel, Fahaheel Bazar, LuLu, Al Ghanim,Fish market, Vegetable market, many many shops selling cloths, accessories,gold shops, money exchanges etc. So all your needs are fulfilled. As we stay in Abu Halifa, this is the best place for us to shop, as it is only a 15-20 min drive from our place.But it changed after Mehr was born.The main problem here is parking your vehicle. You may have to park in a opposite direction though you have work in a different direction. To get a place to park your car is the main concern here. So to carry Mehr from one place to another is quite difficult when specially the weather is humid.
This weekend when we went to Fahaheel, Jeet told me that he will take me to a different area of Fahaheel. I was surprise as to which new area he will take me. We parked our car in the parking area of Al Manshar Mall. We walked towards the back side of Rotana Hotel and the Al Manshar mall. I was thinking where is he taking us, when I saw a security personal. Jeet talked to him and we went inside. I didn't know that it is  a residential complex. One of Jeet's friend stay here. The residential complex consist of 3 bedroom apartments, quite spacious and the view of the sea and Fahaheel from the apartment is just beyond description....all I can say is "wah". All at the price...guess......only 350KD.....we thought it would be 600-700KD. Though its in the heart of Kuwait, lot of market and hotel nearby, its far from the hue and cry. No noise, a perfect place to stay.The sea side, shopping area/markets are at stone's throw. We got tempted to shift but with a kid we don't need such a big place.The job of maintaining the big apartment will fall on me. So I at once cancelled the idea when Jeet suggested.
We just moved around Al Manshar Mall....I purchased few souvenirs.This mall has some nice souvenir shops, owners/shop-keepers are Kashmiri's( from India).It has lot of brand show-rooms, restaurants. A nice place to move around.
Background Rotana Hotel

@Al Manshar Mall

The pictures were taken earlier, 1 year back, when my dad visited us.

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onlooker said...

yes, i too feel fahaheel has it all! and it somehow has ths flavour of india, the crowded streets, people walking around, and you tend to feel a bit at home. and the sea by the side also is a huge plus. the view and the beach can be such a break from the monotonous routine. the shop youd mentioned, we love it too. can pick up quite a few interesting stuff.