Monday, April 19, 2010

Procedures To B Followed By an Indian Before Shifting To Q8

I am not from Kuwait but have been here for some time and have started to feel like home here. I would like to share my experiences with people who want to know about Kuwait or plan to come to Kuwait to work.

But it was not the same feeling at first. It took some time as I slowly adjusted to a new life often spending long hours in unaccustomed loneliness while my husband was at work. In the evening though there was the discovery of new places, sights, sounds and excitement. Slowly more families started joining our building. All the thirty two families are from INDIA and our building came to be known as KOC building, as our husbands work in the same company, Kuwait Oil Company. So it was a home far away from home.

In order to come and stay in Kuwait , one should fulfill certain criteria’s. As my husband got a job here and was on work visa, I could come along with him. But the rules and regulations of different companies regarding bringing their families are different. Some allow their employees to bring their families after 45days while few after 90 days while KOC employees can bring their families after three months.

One has to clear a medical test before coming to Kuwait. There are certain medical centers in India recognized by Kuwait Embassy and one has to do the required test in those centers. So one has to go to GAMCA Office where they give you a paper where the name of the centre where one has to do the medical test is written. As my husband had done his medical test earlier we knew the rules and was easy for us. We went to Sanghi Medical Centre, deposited a fee, my passport and urine test, blood test, chest x-ray and physical test was done. We then went to GAMCA Office to collect the paper of my medical centre. Actually according to rule one has to visit the GAMCA Office first and then the Medical Centre but it appeared that in Delhi rules are flexible .I was really tensed though I was physically fit and only when I got a positive result I was delighted .
Its adviceable that one at least do attestation of the educational documents if one desires to do job in Gulf( I mean the wife, if she plan to work after coming to Kuwait). Once you get a job,  you have to do attestation of the educational certificates. For that one has to visit the HRD office at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Delhi. The ministry of Human Resource Development authenticates only in the back of originalcertificates/ degrees/diplomas. A fee of Rs50/- per certificate is to be paid in the form of postal order.Postal orders are to be endorsed in the name of “Secretary Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education”, payable at the post office at New Delhi. Wrongly filled postal orders will not be accepted.

There are separate queue for ladies and gents.We have to submit the original pass certificates (one desires for attestation).Marksheets are not required .The HRD office return the attested pass certificates after 2pm.Only when the passport is shown, the certificates are delivered. Hurriedly from HRD office one has to go to MEA at Patiala House, Tilak Marg. Again we have to submit the original pass certificates and after few hours its returned to us after attestation.

One should not forget to remove the lamination(if any) before submission of documents for attestation.


With excitement mingled with apprehension boarded a plane from Guwahati my home city to Delhi on 21st March,2007 and finally on 22nd March, 2007 took a Kuwait Airways flight to Kuwait. Finally our plane landed and I was at Kuwait, the desert kingdom.

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