Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Back from home Assam

Have returned from my dear dear  Assam just few days ago. As usual it was our one and half month stay at home. Is really feeling home sick after reaching Kuwait. Mehr too enjoyed her vacation and has been missing her grandparents, aunts and uncle. But it was nice to be part of the Diwali celebration both of our building and Assam Association.
It was Durga puja time and we thoroughly enoyed our stay.This time we didnt travel much....was at GUWAHATI and NAGAON.....and few days at DELHI.  We stayed for 4days at Delhi and just moved around as we didn't have anything much to do. It was terribly hot in Assam, something which happened for the first time (till last year October is a pleasant month in Assam). But it was very pleasant in Delhi.
Will be writing about the places in  details soon.

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