Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Roshan Di Kulfi,Delhi

Delhi is known for its chillness in the winter.We visit home mainly during November-December and on our way home we stop at Delhi each time for few days. Jeet had studied here and so it holds a very special place in his heart. We love to roam about , taste the chats and snacks which we miss very much here in Kuwait.

During our recent visit, as we moving around Karol Bagh, we saw a small fast food shop crowded with people. We were hungry and decided to try out something there as we thought the shop must be famous as lot of people were waiting for their chance. The shop was "Roshan Di Kulfi". We were surprised to see that though it was chilling cold people were standing outside the shop as they didn't find place to seat and eating Kulfi. As we were waiting for our chance to get a seat, we came to know from a Punjabi couple that the shop has a legendary reputation in the Karol Bagh area and Delhi . And that it is famous for its kulfi, chhole bhature, aloo tikki, dahi bhalle,papdi bhalle and delhi chat. The huge crowd that was thronging the place gave us ample testimony to what the Punjabi couple told us. We had to wait for sometime till we got a place to seat. We ordered chola bhature, dahi bhalle, aloo tikkia and the famous faluda kulfi. The chola, dahi bhalle, tikkia was ok type, taste was good but not excellent I must say; had better one in some other place. But the best part was the faluda kulfi  which was topped with sweet rose water and vermicelli. The taste was very good and texture was perfect as it was not very soft but melts in your mouth at the slightest pressure from the teeth.

Can try it out when you visit the Karol Bagh area next time. Here's the address

2816,Ajmal Khan Road,Karol Bagh,Delhi
Phone: 28724230, 28722728

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