Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Visit to Mishref Exhibition Ground, Q8

When my brother visited us there was exhibition of Arabic food  items and IT n Communications exhibition going on at Kuwait International Fair Ground in Mishref. We decided to take him to Mishref as it is the best way to have a feel and experience of Arabic food , culture and people. He was very happy to see so many Arabic people, taste their food ( sweets and Shawarma) and to have seen the latest technology gadgets.

 In the IT & Communications exhibition that was held at Hall no 8 , there was arts and crafts going on for kids. They were given all the necessary things and they had to draw or make a fish with the colour papers. Mehr is too young to be part of such activities but as they insisted I helped her in making a fish. Also a quiz competion and a football match was held.

I had already written about Mishref International Fair ground in details. So won’t go into those details again. But for those who are reading about it for the first time you can check my earlier post regarding it and check the website http://www.kif.net/

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