Thursday, March 11, 2010

KOC / Ahmadi / Festival Of Light, Q8,2010

The Kuwait Oil Company is one of the largest oil companies in the world. Kuwait's economy is heavily dependent on this particular state-run organization and it is the backbone of Kuwait’s economy. The company is involved in many activities relating to oil and natural gas exploration. The Kuwait Oil Company was formed in 1934 as a joint venture between the British Petroleum Company (BP) and the Gulf Oil Corporation (GOC). The two partners had equal shares in KOC. Large oil fields, such as the Burgan field were discovered prior to World War2 but the development of the oil industry began after the war, and triggered a large influx of foreign investments into Kuwait. The first commercial exports of oil from Kuwait were made in 1946. There were other very large new finds in the 1950s and 60s which allowed Kuwait to become a major exporter of oil and gas.An oil town was set up in Ahmadi for the people to stay, who works at KOC. Offices, hospital, shopping complex, banks etc are all there in the Town. The appearance of the town is like a typical British town with thousands of trees lining the streets with beautiful big bungalows. Every year the "Festival of Light" takes place here to commemorate the National and Liberation Day. The entire Ahmadi area, including streets, parks, offices, trees, churches and houses are beautifully decorated with lights. Firework displays takes place in the evening. This year KOC is celebrating its 75 years of its establishment, so the decoration of light was aggrandize then the previous years.

While walking on the walking track, you will hear pleasing Arabic music and songs. At first you will be surprised as to where from it is coming. After a close look at things around you, you will notice a stone/ tree trunk (difficult to tell at first glance) like structure on a green color stand. Guess what it is? To our surprise we found it’s a speaker. You will find one at walking distance of 3-4 minutes. So you can walk listening to sweet Arabic music. Not only that, sitting area’s and water filters are also there at a walking distance of 15-20 minutes. All these prove, the company takes care of its employees a lot.

To know more about its 75Th Celebration, check the website:

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