Thursday, November 02, 2017

Day Out at Yasmin Farm Wafra Kuwait

Kuwait's weather is not always pleasant to plan outdoor activity whenever you want to go out. So we keep waiting for the right weather. We get only few months and when it comes , everyone take full advantage by planning lot of outdoor activities.

The weather is perfect now in Kuwait for out door activity. So last weekend we decided to go out to wafra for a day long picnic with few friends. In our last 11 yrs stay in Kuwait we have visited Wafra,  many times .We decided to go to Yasmin farms as few of our friends had not gone , though there are much bigger and better farm in Kuwait then Yasmin.

They charge 3 KD per person for the tour inside the farm. 


more about Yasmin farm

We took breakfast and lunch with us and in het picnic area of the farm we had a great time. The farm has facility for a perfect family outing .

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