Monday, October 31, 2011

Visit to Red Fort, Delhi

As a kid had visited Delhi several times and visited all places of tourist interest there. But for last few years (after marriage), had been going to Delhi, almost once a year and every year could visit one place of interest (with Mehr) difficult to move around. This year visited Red Fort, built by the great Mughals and located in the heart of Old Delhi. It refreshed my memory of my visits as a kid. Just enjoyed our visit and as Suman was with us, enjoyed it more.

Eid Holidays...Best time to travel Middle East

If you are in Middle East, then its the best time to visit any MIDDLE EAST Toursit Destination as you get lot of hotel/ airlines offers during this period.
But better book in September / October because nearer the time prices of both hotels/ air tickets increases and you find difficulty finding them as they remain fully booked during this period.

Suman in Delhi with US

Suman my brother who stays and works in Mumbai ,came to meet us and stayed with us for 4days. It was total fun to be with him. This time we booked a family room(4 single beds), quite spacious at Ginger. This is the 4th time we stayed at Ginger Hotel and we have no complains.

Some pictures of Ginger...with Suman....and the hotel room.

Back from home Assam

Have returned from my dear dear  Assam just few days ago. As usual it was our one and half month stay at home. Is really feeling home sick after reaching Kuwait. Mehr too enjoyed her vacation and has been missing her grandparents, aunts and uncle. But it was nice to be part of the Diwali celebration both of our building and Assam Association.
It was Durga puja time and we thoroughly enoyed our stay.This time we didnt travel much....was at GUWAHATI and NAGAON.....and few days at DELHI.  We stayed for 4days at Delhi and just moved around as we didn't have anything much to do. It was terribly hot in Assam, something which happened for the first time (till last year October is a pleasant month in Assam). But it was very pleasant in Delhi.
Will be writing about the places in  details soon.

Jeet's B'day

There is hardly a week for Jeet's birthday and I am busy preparing for it....hope it turns out as I have planned. You have to wait till Nov 5 to know what I am planning

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diwali Rangoli 2011

Every year, our building residents make nice Rangoli's in front of their flats.....this year was no different. Here are some of them....

Happy Diwali

We had just celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights. When we stay far from home, we terribly miss the festivals. But I feel lucky enough to be in Kuwait, where there are lot of Indians ans we celebrate our festivals with the same enthusiasm and  pomp as in INDIA.

In fact we had celebrated in 3 continuous days...the 1st day (thursday) in our building, next day at Kohinoor Restaurant (building get-to-g ether) and Hotel Mughal Mahal(Assam Association) get-to-gether.

Mehri my darling took part in our buiding get-to-gether....danced to the tune of "JUBI  JUBI..... 3Idiots". It was her 1st stage performance

Here are some pic's of our building get-together (the pic's of the dance where Mehr took place)......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hi back

Hi Everyone.....really sorry to all the followers of my blog and those who have visited in the last few months. I was unable to update my blog....though there are lot of reasons behind it, i don't think it was right on my part to ignore my blog, which is so very special to me (how ever busy i was and whatever may be the reasons). In the past, two times i was late in updating it, but never disappeared for so long. Really sorry about it and will try to be regular as much as I can.

Did lot of travelling and will update and share with all my readers soon.

Happy Diwali to All